2017 Results

Jack & Jill


  1. Jeremy Cooper and Brenda Wood

  2. Alexandra Kronz and Annet Blom

  3. Joseph Lettig and Susan Durst

  4. Asher Tenn-McClellan and Katie Smiley

  5. Oliver Zimmerman and Rebecca Powell


  1. Asaiah Meders and Lisa Musial

  2. Anthony Chen and Danae Cardenas

  3. Jeffrey Wingo and Kimberly Connolly

  4. Stuart Hiarker and Brittany Shakespear

  5. Jordan Daniel and Mandy Corbett


  1. Gary Thompson and Carrie Lucas

  2. Patrick Plagens and Debi McCreary

  3. Tip Wes and Laura Thompson

  4. Genieboy Collins and Sumana Dattu

  5. Eugene Golbourne and Peggy Allen


  1. Byun Raymond and Ellen Peck

  2. Kevin Rafter and Abigail Vogels

  3. Christopher Chung and Mia Primavera

  4. Maxwell Libbrecht and Brottany Barbarisi


  1. Tien Khieu and Jonathyn Jackson

  2. Forrest Hanson and Hailee Vaughn

  3. Thomas Carter and Chantelle Pianetta

  4. Eric Jacobson and Hannah Meyer

  5. Brian Sforzo and Sharon Her


  1. Nicholas King and Tashina Beckmann

  2. Christopher Dumond and Sarah Vann Drake

  3. Sean McKeever and Malia San Nicolas

  4. Kyle Redd and Laureen Baldovi 

  5. PJ Turner and Nicole Clonch



Novice Amateur Follow

  1. Stacy Ledox Ellfeldt with Donnie Carl

  2. Kat Katterman wit Marcus Sterling

  3. Laura Hunter with Christopher Dumond

  4. Lindsay Lawson with Donnie Carl

  5. Monica Austin with Mike Carringer

Novice Amateur Lead

  1. Chris Tuey with Lare Deni

  2. Jesse Brummett with Hailee Vaughan

  3. Kim Martin with Jonathon Jackson

  4. Mike Wells with Rebecca Savoca

  5. Edgar Costa with Regina Shpigel

Intermediate Amateur Follow

  1. Tish Rosevear with Kyle Redd

  2. Julia Smith with Markus Smith

  3. Sumana Datta with PJ Turner

  4. Lisa Musial with Samantha Buckwalter

  5. Ramona Stafford with Christopher Dumond

 Intermediate Amateur Lead

  1. Babek Shakeri with Delancey Von Langendoerfer

  2. Narith (BOB) Ithiratanasoonthorn with Christopher Dumond

  3. Kevin Williams with Samantha Bulkwalter

  4. Craig Hogle with Carrie Lucas

Advanced Amateur Follow

  1. Lucie Renaud with Kyle Redd
  2. Fae Ashley with Stephen White

  3. Nessa Martin with Markus Smith


strictly results 2.jpg

Strictly Swing


  1. Oliver Zimmerman and Tori Mills

  2. Ericson Brummett and Cecily Livingston

  3. Jesse Brummett and Andrea Maynard

  4. Steven Lee and Leah Jeffers


  1. Jeffrey Wingo and Judith Asem

  2. Isaiah Meders and Brittany Diaz

  3. Pato Lankenau and Anna Brinckmann

  4. Stuart Hiarker and Stuart Connoly

  5. Austin Sullivan and Cheri Williamson


  1. Gary Thompson and Laura Thompson

  2. Tip West and Regina Burke

  3. Claude Fortin and Gordana Fortin

  4. Patrick Plagens and Jasmine Williams

  5. Buz McCreary Debi McCreary


  1. Alejando Hernandez and Mia Primavera

  2. Kevin Rafter and Britny Delp

  3. Daniel Romero and Michelle Khieu

  4. Jason Abner and Morgan Abner

  5. Byun Raymond and Francesca Cardillo


  1. Kyle Redd and Torri Zzaoui

  2. Nicholas King and Victoria Henk

  3. Tien Khieu and Madelyn Findley

  4. Maxime Zzaoui and Sarah Vann Drake

  5. Tony Shubert and Malia San Nicolas



ProAm Routine

  1. Gayle Huffman with Kris Swearingen

  2. Brandon Metz with Morgan Margo

  3. Kat Katterman with Marcus Sterling

  4. Chris Tuey with Lara Deni

Rising Star

  1. Austin Schamhorst and Kali Casas

  2. Bruno Teodor and Paula Teodoro

  3. Jason Abner and Morgan Margo

  4. Brian Sforzo and Helen Tocco

  5. Isaiah Meders and Joanna Chisholm


  1. Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe

  2. Mike Carringer and Hannah Meyer


  1. Christopher Dumond and Tara Trafzer

  2. PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann

  3. Steven White and Sonya Dessureault

  4. Demetre Souliotes and Kara Frenzel

  5. Matt Richey and Samantha Buckwalter